If you’ve been frequenting JOVM for a bit or a relatively recent follower, you wouldn’t be surprised to know (or to discover) that over the course of a year or more that you may hear about certain bands a number of times. And if you stopped by recently, you may remember coming across the Los Angeles, CA-based duo of Ultra Violent Rays. Compressed of Cooper Gillespie (vocals, bass) and Greg Gordon (drums and sequences), the duo has publicly claimed Siouxsie and the Banshees, Joy Division and Portishead. And those influences were apparent on their seductive single “The Voyeur." 

The duo’s latest single "Vegas” is a subtle refinement of the sound that first caught my attention. The addition of swirling electronics and drum programming gives a very familiar sound a modern twist while retaining a seductive, film noir feel.  Although ominous, the track may arguably be the most cinematic they’ve released to date.