If you’ve been frequenting JOVM for a little bit, you may be familiar with the Nashville-TN-based singer/songwriter Brandy Zdan. Zdan has had a rather interesting career, as she was a co-founder of the Canadian Roots/Americana duo Twilight Hotel.  After that act split up, Zdan was recruited to be a member of the Austin, TX-based band, The Trishas. She then relocated to Nashville to start a solo career – and her debut full-length effort, which is slated for release later this year and features members of My Morning Jacket as part of her studio band, reveals an artist who has gone though a decided and radical period of reinvention.

Zdan’s latest single “More of a Man,” has Zdan singing the song’s “get it together, fool” chorus and hook “ I’m not waiting on you to come around / But when you do you better be more of a man than me” with an understated confidence and strength – the sort that simply says “I deserve a real man who gets what kind of woman that I am.” But interestingly enough, the song pairs that understated confidence with a sound that possesses elements of indie rock, New Wave and country that makes the song an understated feminist anthem that doesn’t shout “i’m a woman, hear me roar” but instead simply says “a real woman will want someone who’s her equal in every possible way and adds something to the table; if that prospective partner doesn’t bring anything to the table, i’m okay by myself. I don’t need to be completed – I don’t need a partner for my own fulfillment.” 

The official released video has a fairly simply concept,  as it follows Zdan through the recording of the song – but shot in moody red light.