If you’ve been frequenting JOVM since the early days, 5 years ago, you might remember coming across several posts about the Minneapolis, MN-based trio BNLX. The trio which consists of husband and wife team (and founding members) Ed Ackerson (guitar and vocals) and Ashley Ackerson (bass and vocals) and David Jarnstorm (drums) initially emerged under a cloud of mystery regarding who – or what exactly – comprised the band. In fact, in some of the early press materials, the members of the band mischievously identified themselves with acronyms and in other cases, they’ve even gone by pseudonyms. Along with that, they were known to obscure their faces beyond recognition in promotional videos. And although there was a clear mischievous sensibility to their methods, there was also a very serious and thoughtful attempt to force listeners to let the music speak for itself without the machinations of marketing departments attempting to package a product in the most attractive way possible. 

But as the remarkably prolific band released a series of EPs and albums, the veil was slowly lifted to reveal the band and its real human members, while retaining their eccentric sense of humor. Interestingly over the course of the past five years, BNLX’s has gone through a discernible change in sonic direction as their sound has increasingly leaned towards shoegazer rock. In fact, on the trio’s latest single “No Soul To Sell” you’ll hear buzzing electronics, reverb-y, distortion-filled guitars, thunderous drumming and throbbing bass paired with ironically detached vocals, and although bearing the familiar “wall of sound” production technique, the song manages to be simultaneously gauzy in a fashion that channels The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Stone Roses, RIDE and others – but with a very Midwestern American and contemporary sensibility. 

If you’re around, you can catch the band for two NYC area dates – tonight at Baby’s All Right and tomorrow at Cake Shop