If you’ve followed this site over the past few months or even longer, you know that a few months ago I received an email from Miami, FL-based label, Art House Records about an up-and-coming Miami-based electro pop artist, Brika. And although Brika claims Coldplay as one of her primary influences, her sound has owed a greater debt to trip hop as you’d hear on her first single “Expectations;” however, interestingly enough, her latest single “Options” is much sparser as it consists of gently electronics, hand claps for percussion, brief bursts of twangy guitar and keyboards and Brika’s soulful vocals. But much like “Expectations,” “Options” has a jazzy, almost pop standard feel. 

Lyrically the song speaks about something that comes up with romantic relationships –that sometimes the love that’s felt isn’t so consuming to prevent you from keeping your options as open as possible, and on a certain level being very honest about it.