In my line of work, many wind up being cynical and jaded – after all, many of my colleagues claim that they know it all, have seen it all and have heard it all. But many of my fellow bloggers and critics have forgotten the joy of serendipitous discovery and of sharing something you think is cool with the entire world – and having others agree with you. 

In any case, if you’ve followed this site over the years, you know that I had written and mentioned the Mexico City-based quartet The Oats, who I had met while at a Northside Festival Showcase. The band split up some time ago with each of the members going off in their own directions both creatively and personally – one guy went to graduate school, another focused on art and so on. But before the band broke up, they toured across Canada when Armando met a young woman by the name of Dawn, from Dundas, ON. The duo fell in love, and whenever Dawn would visit Mexico City, the duo would find themselves writing a new song. Eventually, the two got married and formed a band, which they call The Tallest Tree.

“Boat” is the band’s first single and it bears a resemblance to The Pixies and The Vaselines – it has a grungy, garage rock vibe but with playful harmonies and melodies that makes the song so sweet that it’s hard to be jaded or hate on it.