Indie rock band, Kiev was formed in Orange County, CA by vocalist and guitar Robert Brinkerhoff. And during the course of several years, Brinkerhoff carefully recruited members at a one-by-one fashion to get the right mixture of musicians for material that possesses elements of post-punk, psychedelia, funk, jazz, jam rock, electronica, and minimalism – often created through improv sessions.  

With the release of “Falling Bough,” the latest single off the California-based quintet’s recently released Falling Bough Wisdom Teeththe band’s sound manages to be reminiscent of The Darcy’s moody, genre defying Warring; in fact, “Falling Bough” has the same moody atmospherics while possessing elements of R&B, pop and rock in a gorgeous mixture. Expecting shimmering guitars, subtle but tight grooves, earnest vocals sung in a halting falsetto. Check out how the song manages to slink about seductively towards its conclusion. 

The band released this video for the song, which manages to balance the feel of a live performance with that of music video. And in some small way