Inspired by Dungen, The Doors, Fela Kuti and Deerhunter, Swedish quartet Tussilago can trace their origins to 2011 when friends Pierre Riddez, Rickard Renström, Samuel Lundin and Zacharias Zachrisson (Lykke Li’s younger brother), decided to start making music together. Their debut EP was released in 2013 to critical praise for material that possessed a unique take on shoegaze and psych rock both nationally and internationally.

For the band’s much anticipated follow up, Goldface, the members of Tussilago recorded 18 songs over the course of 7 days at Studio INGIRD in Stockholm. And as the band’s Samuel Lundin explained in press notes, “Our goal was to record 12 songs, and we really only had six songs that were fully finished before going into the studio. So the whole thing became a very spontaneous and fun experience. After our week at Studio INGRID, we continued working on the album for about a year, doing overdubs and mixing, and doing most of the work out in Petter Winnberg’s studio Rösarne, a barn in the middle of nowhere outside of Stockholm.”

Inspired by the band’s surroundings, travel and their friends, the album’s first single, album title track “Goldface” subtly expands on the sound that initially garnered international attention – shimmering guitars played with gentle washes of reverb, propulsive and seemingly hip-hop inspired drumming and swirling feedback and electronics paired with plaintive and earnest vocals. But at its core is a wistful, melancholy that belies the song’s breezy nature and catchy hooks. It’s summery – but it evokes the very end of summer, when people recognize that they’ll have to go back to the responsibilities and obligations of their lives.