Inspired by Nine Inch Nails. Garbage, PJ Harvey, Goldfrapp, Brody Dalle, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Prodigy and The Beastie Boys, the British industrial rock band, Plastique formed in 2010. Comprised of vocalist Anelise Kunz, multi-instrumentalist Fabio Couto and producer Gabriel Ralis, the British trio’s self-titled debut and sophomore effort, #SocialScar received attention internationally and across their native UK; in fact, as a result of the the band’s sophomore effort, which was produced by Grammy winning producer, Tom Baker, the band was named one of the Top 5 in Marshall’s Ultimate Band Contest in 2013.

With a steadily growing national and international attention, the trio had attempted to write new material with the intention of adding something new to their sound; however, once they had started writing, they felt they were putting too much pressure on themselves to come up with new song ideas and weren’t coming up with much. So they went on a hiatus with the hopes that the time off would help them revisit their roots and re-assert their purpose. As the band’s frontperson Anelise Kunz says “the new single [”Quake”] acme out as a sign of hope … there was no pressure, the vocal jam just happened, and soon we were all involved in getting this one ready to go!”

Based around a precise drum beat, buzzing guitars, buzzing synths and Kunz’s seductive and confident vocals, the band went into the writing process with the idea that they “wanted to write a song that would sound great both live and on the dance floor. No one seems to move at shows anymore, like there’s some fear of self-expression. ‘Quake’ for me, i like shaking someone saying, ‘Put down your phone. Listen to the music. Feel something!’” The song obviously meshes elements of industrial electronica and power chord rock in a way that should feel and sound pretty familiar, as it channels Garbage’s self-titled debut but with more of an in-your-face, don’t-give-a-fuck air reminiscent of old school punk rock.