Irish trio, Bell X1 has been around and releasing records quietly – at least Stateside – for a number of years; in fact, if i’m not mistaken I’ve seen some incredible live footage of them playing a rooftop session at Facebook’s Dublin, Ireland offices. 

Their forthcoming effort, Chop Chop will drop on July 2nd through the band’s own Belly Up! Records, and the new effort will reportedly continue their reputation for crafting songs with intense melodies – a rarity in the verse, chorus, hook, verse, chorus, hook days. 

Chad Valley was enlisted to remix “Careful What You Wish For,” the first single off their forthcoming album, and the remix manages to maintain the plaintive feel of the original but adds slick, sinuous synth lines and a very ethereal feel behind the drum beats. It’s the sort of remix that makes you want to grab your love interest and sway to the beat.