It’s been a rather interesting weekend and one that has involved much more running around and strange and very awkward circumstances. And at one point, i had some equally annoying technical issues that may have been rooted around the particular internet connection I was dealing with at the time. But there’s always work to do and always music to cover and present to you, and i figure out someway to get around all of that. (Granted, there has been an unusual gap here but it happens from time to time.)

Now if you’re followed the Joy of Violent Movement, you’d know that I’ve written about the New York-based electro pop trio of Lemonade, who not only have one of the more difficult band names to Google, they were also one of Cascine Records latest discoveries and signings in slickly produced, 80s-inspired electro pop. “Durutti Shores” the group’s latest single manages to cement their reputation for shimmering electro pop; however, this track is much more downtempo  – in fact, for some peculiar reason, the track reminds me a little bit of George Michael’sCarless Whisper.” But that’s probably thanks to the fact that the song evokes the same mood of that Wham song. 

The video is gorgeously shot and looks as though it may have been shot in Venice or some other dream-inspired European locale. 

Stepping,” the trio’s newest single has a euphoric feel, that kind of evokes the sensation of jumping into a bracingly cool body of water on a hot day — thanks to its undulating, liquid synths. And interestingly, Callan Clendenin’s vocals are sensual yet unforced and seem to ride upon the cresting waves of the instrumentation. Although it’s a very modern production style, the song seems as though it could have been released in 1986 or so.