It’s not uncommon for me to multi-multitask as i’m listening to tracks for possible inclusion on this site and as i’m doing so, Soundcloud in its infinite wisdom continues playing related tracks until I finally notice what happened, and then press pause or Safari’s refresh button. And interestingly enough, I wind up discovering something that I should have been aware of months ago – or something that’s so incredible that I have to tell as many people as possible. In this case, I came across something that I should have been aware of months ago and it’s hot. Producer Jay En P released the You Figure It Out EP at the tail end of last winter, and it features the producer collaborating with the legendary Sadat X. and Kurious on “Born to Rise." 

Real hip-hop seems difficult to find but it’s out there and some of its legends are still producing remarkably relevant, inspired work – even if they’ve been pushed back to the margins for the hottest new shit available. But I’d guarantee that Sadat X can probably destroy most contemporary mainstream emcees within 12 bars or so. In any case, Sadat X manages to make references to the ethereal nature of time, to being an old school cat, (he’s from "the robbery era” as he dubs it). New York under both Guilliani, Bloomberg and 9/11 within a few deft turns of phrase and it’s paired with a throbbingly menacing beat. Kurious adds an equal measure of New York area swagger to the proceedings. This is street hip-hop – rugged and raw, as M.O.P. once said, and it’s still out there, just more difficult to find.