I’ve lately come to believe that being a music journalist or a music blogger requires being something of a music nerd – if not a little bit of a snob here and there. And i can tell you how I’ve become fans of certain labels – yes, labels. Over the years of writing and covering music through this blog, I’ve become quite a fan of Stones Throw Records; I don’t think that they’ve put out many things or had many artists who I didn’t admire. Plus, they’re a label that not only has quite a bit of diversity in their artists roster, they encourage their artist to actually be – well, artists. 

There’s a documentary on Stones Throw Records titled, Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton: This Is Stone Throw Records and naturally it has a soundtrack which includes this incredibly dope and incredibly soulful instrumental beat by the great Madlib. It somehow remind sme of hanging out in parks on beautiful days and checkin gout girls. Ah memories, right?