I’ve mentioned this several times over but if you’ve frequently read this blog, you’d know that over the past year or so, I’ve been receiving an increasing number of emails from bands and labels from all over the world. Not only does it makes this site’s mission of bringing you music regardless of genre and country of origin much easier, it also seems to confirm – for me, at least – that I’m doing something right here. 

So the other day, I heard from the North Yorkshire Moors, UK-based quartet, the Van Doos. Consisting of Simon Hutchinson (lead vocals, guitar), Louis Bamber (vocals, guitar), Fred Baty (bass), and Dom Antony (drums). the British quartet has been praised by NMERadarand other publications on the other side of the pond, and they’ve been on the BBC’s BBC Introducing

“Airborne” is the latest single from the band’s debut full-length Fingertips and the song is an soaringly anthemic ballad with a prototypical Brit rock/Brit pop sound – an expansive, cinematic feel, complete with earnestly and plaintively sung vocals, guitars fed through reverb and other pedals. In some way, the song reminds me a bit of A Storm in Heaven-era the Verve and of Oasis, among others.  

The official video was shot in the English countryside and shot in a way to suggest both summer twilight and a hazy nostalgia of summers past, among other things. And it manages to be suit the song, perfectly.