I’ve said this on several occasions on this site but I’ve become a big fan of Stones Throw Records – they have a diverse and super talented roster of artists that include the likes of Homeboy Sandman, Dam Funk, Mayer Hawthorne and others. Many who have become some of my favorite artists. And as a label, they seem to encourage the creativity, individuality and artistic demands of their artists – and in a way that few major labels seem willing to do. 

Jonwayne with his gravelly, almost monotone-like baritone has become yet another one of my favorite contemporary emcees – he manages to come up with allusions and analogies that are frighteningly surreal and yet visceral. He’s releasing a new album through Stones Throw Records on October 29th titled, Rap Album One. 

The first single off the album, “The Come Up, Part 1” features a collaboration with Scoop Deville, with whom Jonwayne collaborated with in Digital Diamonds with Chuck Inglish. After recording several tracks for Rap Album One, Deville publicly swore off working with Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg or anyone else so that he could work with Jonwayne for the next year. And when you hear the “The Come Up” you’ll hear the result of a rather fruitful collaboration between like minds. More importantly, it’s real hip hop – a talented emcee spitting over an insanely dope ass beat. Like i said before, check out some of Jonwayne’s word play, inner rhyme and his surreal allusions. I doubt you’ll hear many contemporary emcees who will sound like Jonwayne.