Jesus Sons got their start when the creative backbone of the band, Brandon Wurtz and Shannon Dean formed the band in a motorcycle garage in San Francisco back in 2001. The duo of Wurtz and Dean started writing music together and brought in Rob Good and Ian McBrayer of Warm Soda to help them flesh out their sound for a full length effort that incorporated their love of classic rock – namely the Velvet Underground, the Rolling Stones, Bo Diddley, and others. And much like their influences, they recorded the material using a Tascam 388, vintage Silvertone amps and Japanese guitars to accurately recreate the sound heard on old garage rock records of the 60s.

Last year, Wurtz and Dean relocated to Los Angeles, and they recruited Chance Welton, Bert Hoover and Erik Lake to complete the band, and as a quintet they have continued onward with a sound that pays homage to early rock, the blues and garage rock. 

“Who’s Around” is the first single off the band’s debut full-length, and it easily sounds as though it could have been found in an discarded record bin in a used record shop, such as Last Vestige in Albany. And upon it’s discovery, it would be played in a dive bar somewhere in the Lower East SIde or Williamsburg. But interestingly enough, the track has a swagger that’s reminiscent both of the time that inspired it, and of several contemporary bands who have been heavily influenced by that sound – in particularly I think of a band like Raccoon Fighter