Last year, the duo of the Los Angeles, CA-based Boadwalk, a.k.a. Mike Edge and Amber Quintero were introduced to each other through mutual friends. Although they were both involved in different musical projects, there was an undeniable musical chemistry between like minds – and so both Edge and Quintero started a collaboration that had begun on an impromptu road trip. The end result was Boardwalk’s first single off their self-titled debut, “I’m Not There.” (Their self-titled debut will see an October 15th release through one of my favorite labels, Stones Throw Records.)

Focused on crafting a unique sound of their own, Edge, who had already been known as a producer, sourced and built their own gear. The band’s sound employs the use of analog and electronics to create a dreamy, psychedelic sound that sounds familiar like you’ll hear on the album’s latest single, “I’m To Blame” – in some way, it’s reminiscent of the Velvet Underground.