Led by John Dwyer, the San Francisco-based quartet Thee Oh Sees have been insanely prolific, as they’ve released over a dozen albums since 2004 with each of those albums have managing to sound decidedly different, while possessing an overarching garage/psych rock aesthetic. And as a result of both their prolificacy and their ability to write some really good tunes, the quartet have been blogosphere darlings for quite some time. 

Mutilator Defeated At Last, the band’s forthcoming effort is slated for a May 18 release, and the album is reportedly one of the heaviest efforts the band has released in recent memory. “Withered Hand” the album’s latest single is arguably the most menacing and blistering song that Dwyer and Company have released. Just check out those acid-tinged bruising guitar chords paired with a throbbing bass line and thundering drums, which evoke a acid trip gone horrible wrong – in which demons come out of the shadows to taunt and punish you.