Legend has it that a traveling witch doctor and her disciples were led to an extremely tiny and remote Northern Swedish village by an unknown Sami traveller. The reason the traveller lead the witch doctor to this tiny village remain unknown; however, the practice and worship of Voodoo became common, and the witch doctor, along with her disciples made it their home. And the residents of this village were able to practice and worship Voodoo unnoticed and unbothered  – for centuries. 

When the Church discovered that non-Christian practices were occurring in this village, Crusaders burned them out. But the survivors quickly returned and rebuilt their village and continued to practice voodoo. The Swedish masked psychedelic collective of GOAT hails from this little village, and Voodoo seems to be deeply ingrained in their work, as you’ll hear on “Dreambuilding,” off their “Dreambuilding”/“Stonegoat” 7 inch single, their first release through Sub Pop Records

Bearing a resemblance to Karthala 72‘s Diable Du Feau!, “Dreambuilding” is a deeply hypnotic and primal song that builds up a trance-like feel, thanks to pulsating percussion, scalding hot guitar lines and chanted vocals. But it also manages to be a very cosmic sound – as though by listening to the song your mind is expanded and you have a greater understanding of the universe.