Like countless cities, San Francisco’s music scene is constantly evolving as the city has been the home of psych rock and jam rock in the 60s and 70s. Over the last decade or so, the Bay Area has been known as the home of garage/scuzz rock scene that according to many is on its death throes as rising rents have pushed many bands to cheaper locales, and interestingly enough, it coincides with that scene’s most known band, Thee Oh Sees had been on something that resembled a hiatus. 

Recently, there’s been a new thing popping up from San Francisco that may supplant the garage rock sound – and it may start to get some attention across the blogosphere, thanks to an area band such as Tiaras, whose sound has been influenced by the likes of The Cars, Wire, Big Star, Tears for Fears and others. in other words, a clean sound that’s deeply inspired by the 80s synth pop and New Wave. “Thoughts I Could Know,” the latest single off the band’s forthcoming full-length debut is comprised of shimmering guitars and sinuous guitars that build up into a gorgeous melody paired with swirling electronics and ethereal vocals in a fashion that reminds me a bit of Violens incredible Amoral