Live Concert Photography: Corbu with Mikaela Davis and Computer Magic at Mercury Lounge 8/5/16

Live Concert Photography: Corbu with Mikaela Davis and Computer Magic at Mercury Lounge 8/5/16

With the release of two critically applauded EPs, We Are Sound and Everything You Imagine Is Real, the New York-based electro pop duo Corbu have received praise from the likes of several major media outlets including NYLONStereogumThe GuardianNME and others for a sound that’s heavily influenced by the Warp Records roster, sci-fi imagery,  psychedelia and their own dreams — and is largely reminiscent to Moonbabies and M83 as you would have heard on the incredibly cinematic sci-fi, dream pop-leaning “Battles,” and the lush and shimmering psych pop-leaning “Better Better Off,” off the duo’s highly-anticipated and recently released full-length debut Crayon Soul. The duo with the assistance of a live drummer celebrated the release of their full-length debut with a headlining set at Mercury Lounge in the Lower East Side.

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And before I forget, the set included Crayon Soul‘s shimmering, prog rock-leaning new single “Polygon Forest.”


(Photo Caption: Corbu performing at the Mercury Lounge last Friday.)

Computer Magic is the solo electronic music recording project of Rock Hill, NY-born, Brooklyn, NY-based singer/songwriter and producer Danielle “Danz” Johnson. Johnson’s retro-futuristic cosmic pop is largely influenced by Radiohead, Broadcast, Stereolab, the movie Barbarella and the work of Philip K. Dick — and interestingly she’s managed to achieve popular success in Japan and cult favorite status here in the States.

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(Photo Caption: Computer Magic performing at the Mercury Lounge last Friday.)

Opening the night was Rochester, NY-born 23 year-old singer/songwriter, composer, arranger and harpist Mikaela Davis, who has recently been splitting time between Nashville, TN and Brooklyn. Davis has quickly received attention for crafting gorgeous and moody arrangements that possess elements of psych rock, folk, chamber pop paired with lyrics and vocal stylings which display both a wisdom and ruefulness that belie her youth. Additionally, Davis has received attention for her unorthodox approach to the harp. Although she has had years of classical training, and of course, years of performing in a recital setting, she frequently plays her harp in a similar fashion to the guitar — playing it to create a pulsating texture or to emphasize both melody and rhythm simultaneously, and she’s done so within a typical indie rock context.

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(Photo Caption: Celebratory balloons at the Mercury Lounge.)

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(Photo Caption: Mikaela Davis performing at the Mercury Lounge last Friday.)

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