Live Concert Photography: Drunken Prayer and Collin Suttles and The Underground Collabortive at Piano’s 5/20/19

Live Concert Photography: Drunken Prayer and Collin Suttles and The Underground Collaborative at Piano’s 5/20/19

I’ve written quite a bit about JOVM mainstay Morgan Christopher Geer, the singer/songwriter, guitarist and creative mastermind behind the acclaimed alt country/freak folk project Drunken Prayer, and as you may recall, Geer, who is now currently based in Asheville, NC is a grizzled pro, who was formerly a member of local act The Unholy Trio and several other local bands.

Interestingly enough, Geer can trace the origins of his solo career to running into the legendary singer/songwriter Tom Waits while at a fish market in Sebastopol, CA. The conversation, which focused on life and art was so revelatory to the JOVM mainstay, that he realized that it was the perfect time for him to step out into the spotlight with his own material — and that conversation may have influenced what may arguably be one of my favorite Drunken Prayer albums, 2012’s Into the Missionfield.

Since the release of Into the Missionfield, Geer has released three more albums 2013’s House of Morgan, 2015’s The Devil and the Blues and 2018’s Morgan Geer’s Drunken Prayer, which have found the Asheville, NC-based singer/songwriter, guitarist and JOVM mainstay restlessly bouncing back and forth between freak folk, alt country, renegade country, blues, punk rock and rockabilly, at other points endlessly blurring lines between genres and styles — all while being wild-eyed and passionate and deftly balancing aching sadness with humor.

The past couple of years have been rather busy for Geer. He’s currently, the touring guitarist for acclaimed alt-country goths Freakwater and he’s been touring internationally with The Handsome Family, and as a result, the Asheville-based JOVM mainstay has played hundreds of venues across 18 countries and 15 states as a touring musician and solo artist, including the Newport Folk Festival, San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall and Pickathon Music Festival. Building upon his growing national profile, Geer’s music has been featured on AMC, NPR, WMFU and Little Steven’s Underground Garage

Geer’s fourth album, Cordelia Elsewhere was released earlier this year, and the album continues his ongoing string of material that balances heartbreaking sadness and humor while being as wild-eyed and crazy as ever. The JOVM mainstay has been in the middle of a lengthy Stateside tour, and the East Coast leg of the tour featured two NYC area dates — an intimate set at The Treehouse at 2A on Sunday night (more on that later) and a set at Piano’s on Monday night. First, check out photos from Geer’s Piano’s set below.

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Collin Suttles and The Underground Collaborative are an up-coming New York-based genre-mashing quartet, whose sound possesses elements of J. Dilla-inspired hip-hop, neo-soul, jazz and funk. I’ve been a bit under the weather with a cold and a sore throat over the past few days and unfortunately, I only caught a few minutes of their set but I did take a few pictures, which you can check out.

IMG_0268 IMG_0184

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