Live Concert Photography: EZTV with Pavo Pavo and True Blue at Park Church Co-Op 12/14/17

Live Concert Photography: EZTV with Pavo Pavo and True Blue at Park Church Co-Op 12/14/17

The Park Church Co-Op is a new, Greenpoint, Brooklyn-based Lutheran church and ministry located in a historic church building that was formerly the home of The Lutheran Church of the Messiah. According to Pastor Amy Kienzle and the Co-Op leadership, the group believes that creative practices are spiritual practices, and as a result, the church opens their space to artists, musicians, dancers and other creatives of all types. Interestingly, over the past year or so, Park Church Co-Op with Le Poisson Rouge have hosted a series of concerts presenting up-and-coming and renowned indie acts  including an incredible show featuring Brooklyn-based acts EZTV, JOVM mainstays Pavo Pavo and True Blue, with each act collaborating with the 25 member Pavo Pavo chamber orchestra.

The night’s headliner, EZTV, currently comprised of founding member and primary songwriter Ezra Tenenbaum (vocals, guitar), Shane O’Connell (bass), Christian Peslak (guitar) and Michael Stasiak (drums), formerly of Widowspeak can trace its origins to when its founder had been casually working on a series of solo, home recordings on a Tascam 8-track recorder. And in a desire to flesh out the material, he recruited O’Connell and Stasiak to flesh out the project’s sound, a sound that owes debts to 60s psych rock and bubblegum pop. The quartet’s set consisted of three songs, which featured the Pavo Pavo chamber orchestra, led by Pavo Pavo’s Oliver Hill — with the rest of the set rooted around traditional rock-based arrangements.

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IMG-1-75  Now, if you’ve been frequenting this site over the past 2 years or so, you would have seen that I’ve written quite a bit about the Brooklyn-based experimental pop/psych pop act  Pavo Pavo. Deriving their name from the name of southern constellation Pavo, which is Latin for peacock, the members of the band Eliza Bagg (violin, synths, vocals), Oliver Hill (guitar, synths and vocals). Nolan Green (guitar, vocals), Austin Vaughn (drums) and Ian Romer (bass) can trace its origins to when the members of the quintet were studying at Yale University. Since their formation, the acclaimed individual members of the band have collaborated with Here We Go MagicJohn Zorn, Dave LongstrethPorchesOlga BellLuciusRoomful of Teeth and San Fermin among others but more importantly, the act which frequently features an additional rotating cast of collaborators and friends have received attention across the blogosphere for a retro futuristic sound that’s inspired by 60s psych pop, bubblegum pop, 80s New Wave and synth pop, as well New Age music; but just underneath the clean, glimmering surface, there’s a subtle hint at dysfunction. unease, anxiety and dysfunction. Released last year through Bella Union Records  and [PIAS] Records, the Brooklyn-based JOVM mainstays’ debut album Young Narrator in the Breakers as the band’s members explained in press notes describes both the magic and panic of adult life, with the understanding that life is much like getting caught in a vicious breaker — and at some point, you have to stop fighting the breakers and ride it out until you can get to shore safely. And unsurprisingly, the album was met with critical applause from the likes of Pitchfork, who described the album as “a lovelorn alien reaching out from the farthest reaches of the galaxy” and The Guardian described the album as “Brian Wilson running amok in the BBC radiophonic workshop.” Paired with the Pavo Pavo chamber orchestra, the members of the Brooklyn-based JOVM mainstays played a lush and stunningly gorgeous set of music. IMG-0086

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IMG-0140   Opening the night was True Blue, the solo recording project of Porches’ Maya Laner. Backed with the Pavo Pavo chamber orchestra, Laner’s set wound up sounding as though it owed a debt to classical music and chamber pop. IMG-0013

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