Live Concert Photography: Fea with Wake the Sun at The Bowery Electric 9/20/15

Live Concert Photography: Fea with Wake the Sun

The Bowery Electric

September 20, 2015

Tonight concludes a run of 8 straight days of live music across a wild gamut of music including hard rock at Union Poolcatching a singer/songwriter friend at Rockwood Music Hall, hip-hop at The Source360 Festival (more on that later), shoegaze at Irving Plaza last night (there will be more on that later), and punk rock and rock at The Bowery Electric on Sunday night. Yes, a rather busy week, indeed! 

In any case, Sunday night I was at The Bowery Electric to catch San Antonio-based, self-described Chicano punk quartet Fea with Long Island-based quartet Wake the Sun. And I suspect that a little background is needed, so here we go: Comprised of Letty Fea (vocals), Aaron Feo (guitar), Jenn Fea (bass) and Phanie Fea (drums), Fea is something of a side project of the acclaimed indie act Girl In A Coma. That band is currently on a hiatus as Nina Diaz (vocals/guitar) released a solo effort — and the remaining members Phanie Diaz, a.k.a. Phanie Fea (drums) and Jenn Alva, a.k.a. Jenn Fea (bass) decided that with the free time that they now had, that they could start a grimy, old-school punk-inspired band. Diaz and Alva recruited Letty and Aaron to flesh out the band and its sound, and perhaps because of the connection to Girl In A Coma and its scuzzy, zero fucks given punk sound, the newly formed quartet was recently signed to Joan Jett’s Blackheart Records.

Now if you’ve been here before, you’d likely remember that I’ve written about the Long Island-based quintet Wake The Sun. Comprised of Dillon Mealey (lead vocals, primary songwriter), Jeff Alvarado (bass, collaborative writer), John Creighton (keyboards), and Tommy Perrotta (lead guitar and background vocals), the Long Island-based quartet can trace their origins to when Mealey, Alvarado and Creighton were in a previous project together. As the story goes, the project wasn’t working out too well, and by early last year, the project went through a massive lineup change and a refinement of their sound. With their current iteration, the quintet specializes in a timeless, old-school rock sound that draws heavily from Mississippi Delta, Chicago and Detroit blues, and is raw, loud and gritty — as rock should always be. And as a result, the Long Island quartet have had their work praised by the likes of Revolver MagazineGhost Cult Magazine and KNAC, among others for a sound that has been compared favorably to the likes of Rival SonsThe Black Keys and Cage The Elephant. And from catching them at their opening show of their fall, American tour, there’s a sense that they could blow up soon.

Check out some photos from the show below.









(Photo Caption: Wake the Sun performing at The Bowery Electric on Sunday)







(Photo Caption: Fea performing at The Bowery Electric on Sunday)

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