Live Concert Photography: John The Martyr at Rockwood Music Hall 11/30/17

Live Concert Photography: John The Martyr at Rockwood Music Hall 11/30/17

Featuring a core group of founding member and primary songwriter Kyle Ridley (guitar), Dustin DiSalvo (drums), Chris Hines (guitar) and Bill Hudson (vocals), the up-and-coming New York-based soul act John The Martyr can trace their origins to a chance encounter back in 2015. At the time, the now 70 year old Hudson was performing with the acapella doo wop group Spank as part of MTA’s Music Under New York program when the New Orleans, LA-born, New York based Ridley, who like countless other commuters passed by Hudson and the members of Spank.

Ridley was looking for background vocalists for a new project he started working on, and as the story goes, Ridley was so impressed by Hudson that about a week later they were in a Manhattan Guitar Center recording rough drafts of the material that would eventually comprise John The Martyr’s forthcoming full-length debut Feeling Good (which will be released by +1 Records on January 19, 2018).  Shortly after, Ridley recruited DiSalvo and Hines and the quartet began refining the material and developing their sound, a sound which draws from classic, Motown-era soul, rock, blues, R&B and pop.

I caught the up-and-coming act at Rockwood Music Hall at the end of last month. Check out photos from the set below.

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