Live Concert Photography: Oginalii at Piano’s 3/27/18

Live Concert Photography: Oginalii at Piano’s 3/27/18

Currently featuring founding member Emma Hoeflinger (vocals, guitar) and Kurt Kraft (bass), the Nashville, TN-based psych rock/sludge rock act Oginalii derive their name from the Cherokee word for “my friend,” and the up-and-coming band can trace their origins to when Hoeflinger was studying at Belmont University and started the band back in 20014, with Kraft joining the band in 2016. And as you may recall, both locally and nationally, the act has developed a reputation for a difficult to pin down sound that frequently finds the band at one moment playing slow-burning, dreamy shoegaze and then the next moment, playing blistering, sludgy power chords, paired with Hoeflinger’s wailing. Unsurprisingly, the band, who released their critically applauded debut EP received quite a bit of attention from the press and fans during their SXSW appearances last month.

Building on the growing buzz that the Nashville, TN-based band has already received for their debut EP, their follow-up EP, The Grey is slated for an October 20, 2018 and while reportedly continuing in a similar sonic vein as its predecessor, the Curtis Roush-produced and engineered effort thematically focuses on “the grey.” As Hoeflinger explains in press notes, “The grey [as a concept] has been a thing for me my whole life. The in-between. Black and white shuts the demons up, but the grey is always constantly calling my name. It’s in between the grey of things that not  a lot of people talk about.” And as a result, the material discusses the sensation of feeling lost, the space between the inner self, which you rarely reveal and the out self, which you present to the world — but interestingly enough the material balancing pensiveness, with a tongue-in-check irony at other points while  being self-aware of both.
Recently, the up and coming Nashville act was in the NYC area for two dates, and I managed to catch them play an impressive Tuesday night set at Piano’s last week. Check out photos from the show below.

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