Live Concert Photography: Spires and The Budos Band at Brooklyn Bowl 3/27/15

Live Concert Photography: Spires and Budos Band

Brooklyn Bowl

March 27, 2015

March was a particularly busy month of live music and it ended with two shows at Brooklyn Bowl around my 36th birthday – Spires and The Budos Band on March 27 and eKush, Benyoro and Los Hacheros on March 30. As you can imagine, it made for a pretty interesting birthday week! in this post, I want to focus on the Spires and Budos Band show on the 27th. 

Spires played a set of shimmering 60s-inspired psych rock/shoegaze that at times channeled A Storm in Heaven and A Northern Soul-era The Verve, in the sense that it balanced a delicate, ethereal nature with a muscular insistence. But sadly from what I could tell, a great deal of the audience just didn’t get their sound and what they were doing – and it didn’t help that the band had an awkward stage presence, that gave the impression that either the room was too big for them or that they were worried about a hostile crowd who might attack them or something. Still a particular highlight for me was hearing the gorgeous “Candy Flip” live. 

The Budos Band’s set was a loose, shambling and riotous set that at times resembled a bunch of guys tearing it up at a bar, complete with some early and vexing sound issues in which the horns were submerged in the mix. It didn’t feel as tight or as focused as their opening set for Charles Bradley at Williamsburg Park a few years ago that caught my attention; however, this set was comprised of material from their recently released new album – and the material was psychedelic while it possessed an ominous and menacing vibe, which was rooted in afrobeat and in metal. It’s cool as hell but I just felt as though something were missing from the set.

Check out some photos from the set below.


Budos Band

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