Live Concert Photography: Swimsuit Issue with Palm Springsteen and Adios Ghost at Baby’s All Right 1/16/18

Live Concert Photography: Swimsuit Issue with Palm Springsteen and Adios Ghost at Baby’s All Right 1/16/18

Comprised of New York-born, Los Angeles, CA-based duo Miles Garber, who’s best known prominent male model and Dave Gagliardi, who’s best known as a member of renowned punk act Trash Talk, Swimsuit Issue can trace their origins to when the duo met outside of an art show on the Bowery back in 2014. And instead of quickly rushing to put out material, the duo spent the next two years honing and refining their sound with the end result being their anthemic, 120 Minutes-era MTV meets contemporary indie rock- like debut single “Look Now,” complete with jangling and fuzzy power chords, a propulsive backbeat paired with Garber’s crooning vocals, in a song that manages to balance earnest emotionality with a deliberate attention to craft.

The up-and-coming duo of Garber and Gagliardi, along with a backing band played a headlining set at Baby’s All Right that featured the buzz worthy single “Look Now,” as well as new material that will be released later on this year.


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Fronted by California-born and -based singer/songwriter Nick Hinman, the up-and-coming Los Angeles, CA-based indie rock/indie pop act Palm Springsteen has seen a growing profile for a sound that draws from 80s New Wave and post-punk, particularly the likes of Book of Love, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Gary Numan, early Ministry and others, although the band’s sound struck me as bearing an uncanny resemblance to early 80s INXS, which isn’t surprising as Hitman once told Atwood Magazine, “I think it’s a balance of those NY and UK band influences with a California warmth that makes it unique.”

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After returning to the US from a stint in Munich, Germany, where he had worked as a broadcast music editor, the Washington, DC-born, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ben Sigerson formed Adios Ghost in 2012 as a way to take his impressions and experiences from living and working in Germany and unite them in a cohesive musical project and sound, with the band drawing from psych rock, West African music, early house, prog rock and Krautrock among others. Sigerson recruited two Madison, WI friends, Simon Davenport and Jimmy Stull, and a childhood friend from DC, Alex Loew to complete the band’s lineup.

The Brooklyn-based quartet’s self-titled, debut EP was released during the Winter of 2013 and was released to praise, described by some critics as “wild and worldly,” “full-bodied and impassioned” and “intensely colourful.” With the release of their sophomore EP,  2016’s The Endless Return, the band expanded upon their influences with Alex Loew taking up the role of producer/engineer. 2017 saw the release of their full-length debut, Fade Out With Your Phantoms, which was supported by a tour of the East, Coast, South and Midwest. According to the band’s Facebook fan page, the band has been working on full-length follow-up with Phil Mossman, who has worked with the likes of LCD Soundsystem and Primal Scream. The Brooklyn-based quartet opened the night at Baby’s earlier this month with an impressive set that reminded me of JOVM mainstays Ecstatic Vision and others.

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