Live Concert Photography: Tango Mediterrano and Os Clavelitos at LIC Bar 1/4/16

Live Concert Photography: Tango Mediterraneo and Os Clavelitos


January 4, 2016

Early last week, my 2016 live show coverage started in earnest when I stopped at LIC Bar to initially catch Os Clavelitos, a New York-based American Samba quintet comprised of Chieko Honda (vocals), Anthony Lanni (guitar), Dan Kendall (bass), Livo Almeida (sax, flute), Uka Gameiro (drums) and Arei Sekiguchi that meshes breezy Brazilian rhythms and percussion with English lyrics. I wound up arriving early and catching the last batch of songs in Tango Mediterraneo‘s set. Comprised of Stratos Ahlatis (vocals, accordion), Emilio Solla (piano), Maurizio Najt (piano), Marija Kovacevic (violin), Yiorgos Kostopoulos (double bass), Maxfield Wollam-Fisher (cello), Tango Mediterraneo is a New York-based quartet (and sometimes trio) of rotating musicians with connections to the Mediterranean region that focuses on Argentine Tango melodies from the early 1920s and 1950s — a golden age of the genre, which featured the work of Juan d’Arienzo, Francisco Canaro, and Aníbal Troilo. Their material is also inspired by mposers as Astor Piazzolla, as well as songs other pieces from classical and jazz music arranged with rhythmical and aesthetic components of Argentine Tango.

Check out some photos from a night of gorgeous Latin music below.

IMG-0001 IMG-0010


(Tango Mediterraneo performing at LIC Bar last week.)


IMG-0018 IMG-0026

IMG-0029 IMG-0031

IMG-0047 IMG-0065

(Photo Caption: Os Clavelitos performing at LIC Bar last week.)

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