Live Concert Photography: The New Tarot with Apollo’s Ghost and Mahogany at Brooklyn Bowl 10/7/18

Live Concert Photography: The New Tarot with Apollo’s Ghost and Mahogany at Brooklyn Bowl 10/7/18

I’ve been adhering to social distancing guidelines and self-quarantine as much as possible over the past almost 100+ days or so. During that period, I’ve gone out for the occasionally walk to get fresh air, some exercise and to take photos; to run household errands; and for my mom’s various medical appointments. Beyond that, my life has been rather lonely and monotonous: I work deep into the wee hours, often working until the sun rises. I’ll get a few hours of sleep, wake up and have breakfast with my mom. I’ll get to work for most of the day before stopping to eat dinner with my mom.  After dinner, I’d work on something or another for the rest of the night.

There has been the Zoom happy hour, the occasional Zoom birthday gathering and a FaceTime call here or there that has broken up some of the monotony. But most of whoever my life is at the moment has been centered around work. It doesn’t help that I know myself well: if I’m not busy, I’ll wind up going stir crazy while having way too much anxiety-inducing thoughts on my mind. So work it is.

Unsurprisingly, over the course of this site’s ten year history, I’ve managed to compile and develop a deep archive of unedited photos. As I’ve mentioned throughout this site’s history, much of my work with JOVM has coincided with working full-time, corporate jobs in book publishing as an Editorial Assistant and Acquisitions Editor. And if you add commuting back and forth to work and shows, listening to and writing about music, editing photos, going through my correspondence and even occasionally having a romantic and social life to my day, there sometimes just wasn’t enough time in my day to sleep or daydream or just do anything else.

Sadly, much of this work going through photos has managed to be an uncomfortable reminder of the some of the things I’ve loved so much that I’ve once had — and won’t get back for the foreseeable future, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Back in October 2018, I was at Brooklyn Bowl to catch sibling-led act The New Tarot, along with Apollo’s Ghost and shoegazer duo Mahogany. Check out photos from the show  below.

The New Tarot

IMG_0731 IMG_0872

IMG_1102 IMG_1080

IMG_1033 IMG_0961

IMG_1026 IMG_0966

IMG_1021 IMG_0875

IMG_1009 IMG_0769

Apollo’s Ghost 

IMG_0599 IMG_0583

IMG_0551 IMG_0567

IMG_0630 IMG_0657

IMG_0725    Mahogany  IMG_0383

IMG_0389 IMG_0386

IMG_0355 IMG_0347

IMG_0337 IMG_0369

IMG_0001 IMG_0040

IMG_0186 IMG_0213

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