Live Footage: Oakland, CA-based Duo Introflirt Return With Another Dark, 80s Inspired Electro Pop Song

Comprised of Ben Benjamin (vocals) and Vafa Denalda (synths), Oakland, CA-based electro pop act of Introflirt can trace its origins to when the project’s founding member Benjamin initially conceived the project as  an exploration of  “the dark and seedy corners of the human experience in an urban environment.” Now if you’ve been frequenting this site over the past year, you may recall that I’ve written about “Frozen Lace,” the first single off the duo’s forthcoming, sophomore full-length effort Temporary Heaven slated for release on June 10 2016. That single caught my attention as the duo paired Benjamin’s dusky crooning with layers of buzzing and undulating synths and propulsive drum programming to craft a song that evoked a creeping, dread-filled anxiety .

The duo’s latest single “Orange Light” has them pairing undulating and cascading layers of synths and propulsive drum programming with Benjamin’s crooning  and sonically, the song sounds indebted to 80s synth pop — in particular, Depeche Mode, The Human League and New Order but with a modern production sheen. And much like their previously released singles, the duo’s material thematically speaking the song focuses on the fractured psyche of its narrator, a narrator, who seems plagued by an overwhelming sensation of disappointment and frustration, repressed feelings and desires finally bursting out at an inopportune time.

Check out this live footage of the duo perfuming the song.