Midnight Passenger, the forthcoming sophomore effort from Ex-Cult was heavily informed and influenced by the road and the experiences of relentless touring throughout 2012 — we’re talking about shithole bars, shitty motel rooms and crashing on floors and couches. The latest single off the album, “Shattered Circle,” much like the album’s first single and album title track “Midnight Passenger” possesses an anxious and desperate urgency which makes the buzzing guitars and sneering vocals seem sleazier, rawer and claustrophobic in a similar fashion to that of Disappears modern anthem of unease and anxiety, Era. However, whereas “Midnight Passenger,” had a driving krautrock-influenced rhythm section, “Shattered Circle” is much more punk, along the lines of the Misfits. 

So far both songs from Midnight Passenger remind me of the countless hours spent drinking and carrying on want to much in grimy dive bars like the Library, Sophie’s, the Nancy Whiskey Pub, the Rabbit Club, 151 Rivington, Boss Tweed’s and other dark rooms of depravity and regret. Ah memories.