Montreal, QC-based Jamaican-Canadian, reggae singer/songwriter Face-T first made noise in his native city’s music scene when the group he founded, Kulcha Connection released two critically and commercially successful albums released across Canada and France. After those successes, Face-T decided to embark on a solo career and began working with his now, long-time collaborator, DJ and producer, Poirier, which resulted in several highly popular soundclash songs including "Wha-La-La-Leng“ and ”Enemies“, as well as a collaboration with Crookers on ”Arena.“

EP1 which will be self-released on March 27is the first recorded material from Face-T in about two years – and the EP features beats by Glaswegian soundsystem Mungo’s Hi Fi, Polish reggae act Dreadsquad, Montreal’s Scorpio B and Poirier. As Face-T explains in the press notes, ”“Self releasing this EP makes me feel a mix of pride and excitement, similar to fatherhood. I really wanted to take my time to work on it and have fun with the process. For instance, each song was recorded in a different spot – one was at Boogat’s house, another at Poirier’s… They’re also all quite different from each other, which gave me the opportunity to push my vocal range in ways which hadn’t explored before." 

Interestingly, the EP will also feature several remixes of Face-T’s highly popular "We Rule The Area” feat. Mikey Dangerous. But to celebrate the forthcoming release of EP1 and his forthcoming hometown EP release show, check out the tight riddim and braggadocio of “We Rule The Area."