Montreal, QC-based label Arbutus Records and many on they’re impressive roster of talent, including Blue Hawaii, BRAIDS and others, all got their start back in 2010. In the case of Blue Hawaii, the duo of Ra and Ag recorded an 8 song EP, Blooming Summer which was largely inspired by their trip down to Costa Rica. That album captures warmth and novelty over densely layered harmonies, tape saturated synth lines, drum machines and guitars. But after that records Ra went on to continue with BRAIDS while Ag more to Europe, where he got increasingly into electronic dance music and production.

The duo started to work on a new album together Untogether on a snowy New Year’s Day last year in Vancouver, BC. and from the first single, “The Other Day” which the duo performed live on Last Call with Carson Daly, the track which is full of ambient noise, icy synths and vocals fed through layers of reverb. The track is atmospheric enough for the layered vocals to float through the mix with a plaintive (and kind of eerie) introspection.