Most companies begin with rather humble beginnings – Amazon, Apple, Google, Harley-Davidson, Hewlett-Packard and even Mattel all started in garages. Although now based in Newport, KY just outside of Cincinnati, OH, Powerhouse Factories, best known for being the one of the preeminent print shops for rock concert posters in the country, originally had a humble start themselves – founders Pat Jones and Ben Nunery started their company in the garage of a rental house on their college campus. Both Jones and Nunery bounded over their shared love of music and design, and while in college they developed a reputation for their interactive guerilla-style art installations.

Because of the company’s appreciation of music, they decided that they could turn their two dimensional prints into a fully immersive three dimensional experience by inviting bands to come in to record and shoot live, intimate sessions in their studios in a series they called Powerhouse Factories Live. The New Orleans, LA-based band Royal Teeth stopped by the Powerhouse Factory creative studios to record a stripped down version of the previously unreleased and unrecorded song “Rich.” And the song is a soulful bit of radio-friendly indie pop with a rather catchy hook.