Much like Yes i’m Leaving, Australian band, Zeahorse have been part of Australia’s very vital and dynamic underground rom scene for quite some time. In fact, in the case of Zeahorse, the band developed a reputation across the continent for a sound that has been compared by some as bearing a resemblance to the lies of FugaziSlint, The Jesus Lizard and others. Those claims are certainly arguable depending on your ears, taste and what you’re familiar with; however, “Pool” off their Stateside debut, Pools reminded me quite a bit of Yo La Tengo’s “Boats,” but with an even more blistering, acidic feel.  Interestingly, the band’s latest single “Career” is much more atmospheric an slow burning in a way that bears more of a resemblance to Nevermind-era Nirvana but with a scorched earth feel – while being kind of trippy.