My household was always somewhat musical in the sense that i was constantly exposed to music — someone would be singing (badly) or playing music or watching concert footage. By the time, I was entering my teens i was more obsessed than ever. Like a lot of kids that age, i hustled up and saved an allowance, so I could buy cassette tapes and CDs at the Nobody Beats the Wiz on 63rd Drive and Queens Blvd, about 3 blocks or so from my apartment. And one of the first purchases I made was a copy of Das EFX’s debut album, Dead Serious on digalog tape. At the time, dialog tape was supposed to be the newest technology available — it was simply analog cassette tape with the clarity and fidelity of digital recording.

So in honor of their Summerstage show with Special Ed, Chubb Rock, and Black Sheep, I have to bring it back old school to 1992 with Das EFX’s “We Want EFX.“