Named after their frontman, Orville Bateman Neely III, the OBN IIIs have won quite a bit of attention across the blogosphere as Neely has been described as a sort of punk rock Elvis in front of a band that burns and rips through melodic power-chord heavy garage rock. Although the band’s sound has been  to the likes of the Stooges, which is understandable, I have to admit that I hear more of Highway to Hell and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap-era AC/DC. But with a Glenn Danzig-like baritone. We’re talking about primal, swaggering, sleazy rock that should inspire you to dance, drink too much and fuck. 

Whereas “No Time for the Blues” was a blistering rock anthem, “Worries,” the latests single off the band’s third album. Third Time to Harm is a bluesier dirge that focuses on what feels like an forthcoming apocalypse; in fact, the song suggests that when everything seems to be getting all fucked up, as they are now, that we really should be worried.

It shouldn’t be surprising that the OBN III’s have toured with label mates Ex-Cult; after all both bands have a sound that’s similar in the fact that they’re punishing assaults of sounds but with obvious differences. Whereas Ex-Cult is a desperate, anxious, fucked up, roar of nightmarish frustration and boredom, OBN III’s are the sweaty exploits right before things seem to take a dreadful turn for the worst.