New Audio: Basque Producer Manwarp Releases a Shimmering Club Friendly Banger

Matthieu Asnarez is a young and emerging, Basque Country-born and-based electronic music producer, multi-instrumentalist and producer, best known for his solo recording project Manwarp, a project that’s heavily influenced by and meshes elements of disco, electronica, house music and techno. Asnarez spent last year writing and recording his latest EP, the ambitious concept EP Don’t Quarantine in the hopes of winning over the French and international electronic scene.
Centered around his mixing and mastering technique, Don’t Quarantine isn’t a call for violating social distancing guidelines or common sense infectious disease prevention — but rather, an invitation to the listener to break up the mundane routine of our daily lives through the use of our imagination. “Just because you’re physically locked up in your home doesn’t mean you can’t travel internally,” Asnarez explains in press notes. “That’s what I did in finishing to produce this EP, and i hope that will be the case for the people, who will listen to it, It is a journey consisting of four parts, fifteen minutes of music. Everything follows naturally, you just have to let yourself be carried away.”

The EP’s latest single, EP closing track “About Coming Back” is a mind-bending track featuring shimmering and wobbling synth arpeggios, a gorgeous melody,  tweeter and woofer rocking boom bap-like beats within an expansive song structure featuring alternating quiet-loud-quiet sections meant to evoke being roused from a pleasant reverie. It is about coming back to reality,” the rising Basque Country-based electronic music artist, multi-instrumentalist and producer explains in press notes. “Penetrating melody, strong synths and percussions… I tried something different here with a lot of dynamic as if you were travelling back. I enjoyed and learned a lot by producing this one.”