New Audio: Brooklyn’s Van Chamberlain Shares a Lush and Dreamy Single

Brooklyn-based, indie rock duo Van Chamberlin — siblings Van and Jacob — features two grizzled pros: Individually, the members of Van Chamberlain have toured across the world in a number of bands, including Phantom Buffalo and Eternal Drag. Back in 2019, the duo reunited in Brooklyn, where they started Van Chamberlin, a project, which in many ways can trace its origins to the siblings growing up and making music together on a shared wavelength.

With the release of 2020’s studio demo LY, the Brooklyn-based duo quickly established a sound and approach that meshes elements of dream pop and jangle pop — with a subtle 90s alt rock influence.

Understandably, the pandemic forced the duo to postpone playing material live, so the duo spent their time in the studio, working on their full-length debut In The Sun, which is slated for an April 8, 2022 release through Very Jazzed.

Sonically and thematically, In The Sun reportedly is about layers — both sonically and philosophically. The album’s material is centered round lush and reverb-drenched guitar textures paired with infectious percussion. And although Van’s laid-back vocal evokes lazy sunny days, lyrically the album’s material draws from personal experience of loss and growth. The album’s sonic approach helps to affirm the duo’s philosophical message: what’s past is prologue, and the future holds promise, but neither will count unless you make peace with the present.

In The Sun‘s latest single “Heavy Cloud” is centered around lush layers of gently twangy, reverb-drenched guitars, propulsive drumming, soaring hooks and Van’s achingly plaintive vocals within an expansive and roomy song structure. The end result is a song that subtly nods at painterly, A Storm in Heaven-like textures and 90s, 120 Minutes era MTV alt rock with a deliberation attention to craft.

Tour Dates
3/31 – Brooklyn, NY – Hart Bar