New Audio: Dallas’ Static Ivory Shares Bruising “Open-eyed”

Static Ivory is an emerging and somewhat mysterious Dallas-based grunge/shoegaze duo, who released their debut single “Comedown” earlier this year. Clocking in at a little over two minutes, their sophomore single “Open-eyed” is an explosive and punishing, Nothing-like take on shoegaze featuring a glitchy introduction, thunderous drumming, fuzzy and distorted power chords, and a dreamy painterly bridge paired with mosh pit friendly hooks. Play loud, trip out and open up that fucking pit, y’all!

i dig this one. it reminds me a bit of nothing — nothing is such hard, punishing shoegaze. i’d love to write about this one for JOVM. but i’d need to have more info on the band. can you please send me a press release? the press release should have a band bio and a quote on the song’s themes or its creation or both. thanks!

Grunge-shoegaze two piece from Dallas, TX