New Audio: Dublin’s DWQ Shares Anthemic “Requiem Dance”

David Quinn, best known DWQ is an emerging Dublin-based singer/songwriter, musician and producer, who specializes in melodic indie rock and electronic music rooted in soulful vocals, thoughtful lyrics and catchy riffs. His latest single “Requiem Dance” sees the emerging Dublin artist pairing a soulful reverb-drenched vocal delivery, that brings Michael Hutchence and Tears for Fears to mind with a 90s Brit pop-like arrangement centered around funky guitars and enormous hooks.

’This song is a message from the grave to loved ones. I have always been struck by the mix of emotions at funerals, there is always a sadness yes, but there can be an immense joy and solemn celebration when reflecting the life of someone close to you and the relationship you had with them,” Quinn explains. “I wanted this song to be a call to celebration’ and not mourning’. It’s far from a sad song, it’s very positive and full of melodies, lyrics, overlapping rhythms and sounds that keep the listener engaged right to the end.”