New Audio: ELEVIN Releases a Hypnotic Club Banger

ELEVIN is a mysterious, emerging electronic music producer, who specializes in creating musical experiences designed to make audiences feel — while reflecting “the geometry of existence.”

The mysterious producer is building up buzz for their forthcoming album I believe in science. The album’s latest single “Quantum” derives its title from modern physics. “In the quantum universe a particle is everywhere and nowhere at the same time,” ELEVIN explains in press notes. “It is a particle but it is also energy and a wave. It is part of the fundamental framework that allows us to describe nature. I used these concepts to create this melodic techno track that will get you dancing and make you think about the complexity of the universe.”

Clocking in at a little over eight minutes, “Quantum” is centered around oscillating synths, thumping kick drum, skittering beats and a relentless motorik groove. The end result is a melodic, club banger that may draw comparisons to JOVM mainstay LutchamaK and Tour de France era Kraftwerk — but with a hypnotic, mind-bending quality.