New Audio: Fine Print’s Latest Single “Can’t Lie” Is 80s Radio-Friendly Pop, Reconfigured For the 21st Century

Although they’ve been purposely mysterious, in order to let their music stand by itself without, the electro pop act Fine Print have captured the attention of a few blogs — including this one — for a breezy, hook-laden pop sound that’s not just immensely radio-friendly but summery. However, where their previously released single made nods towards Phoenix and Air, their latest single “About You” manages to channel slickly produced 80s synth pop, in a similar fashion to the Cascine Records roster; in other words, angular, Nile Rodgers-like guitar chords are paired with shimmering, atmospheric synths, a sinuous bass line, propulsive drum programming and pairs it with seductively cooed vocals — and a strategically placed horn solo at the bridge that somehow reminds me of an atmospheric version of Patrice Rushen’s “Forget Me Nots.”