New Audio: fluidarmes Shares a Hook-Driven Single

Florian Rodel is a Nuremberg, Germany-born, Indianapolis-based singer/songwriter, musician, who inspired by Nirvana, Guns ‘N’ Roses, CAN, Jeff Beck, Miles Davis, classical music and a lengthy list of others, started to write his own original music — based around a creative process that frequently sees him writing melodic, rhythmic and/or harmonic sketches throughout his daily routine. He’d then record this ideas on his pone and then flesh it out later.

Rodel is also the creative mastermind behind the emerging indie rock/indie pop recording project fluidarmes. Recently Rodel contacted me about “Pony Drive,” a hook-driven and melodic bit of indie rock featuring twangy, reverb-drenched guitar lines recorded by Stuttgart-based guitarist Micha Herm in his home; thumping and propulsive rhythmic drumming recorded by drummer Martin Krümmling recorded at Ghost City Recordings; propulsive and supple bass lines recorded by bassist Joe Joaquin in his Berlin-based studio; and Rodel’s plaintive vocals and atmospheric synths recorded in Indianapolis. While being deliberately crafted, “Pony Drive” is rooted in a heart-worn-on-sleeve earnestness.

Rodel explains that the song lyrically is about having the best relationship you can have with yourself and rolling with the punches, because people don’t have much control of anything beyond their limited control.