New Audio: French Composer and Multi-Instrumentalist P’pa Carpenter Shares a Cinematic Composition

Romain Carpentier is a 65 year-old retired nurse and self-taught French-born composer, who started to realize a lifelong dream by composing his own music about 15 years ago when he started playing some guitar and a bit of bass by himself at home.

As P’pa Carpenter, the French multi-instrumentalist and composer’s work is inspired by Spanish flamenco guitar, surf rock and 60s gage rock. Along with bass and guitar, Carpentier frequently creates drum patterns on beatbox, sometimes adding other instrumentation to a synthesizer — with the end result recorded on a Micro BR Roland.

Carpentier’s latest P’pa Carpenter cinematic composition “Mafia Contract” (Contract Mafiuex in French) features Carpentier’s song Remi Carpentier on drums and synths. Centered around atmospheric synths, a steady rhythm and a surf rock-inspired guitar line, “Mafia Contract” is inspired by 60s and 70s spy and gangster movies and TV shows. Picture double-crossing and triple-crossing spies (or criminals) making secretive meetings in rainy European cities — i.e., London, Paris, Berlin, Prague — and you’ll get the vibe. But sonically, the composition may bring the Mission Impossible theme song to mind.