New Audio: Grammy-Nominated Artist Emily King Releases a Gorgeous and Timely Meditation

ATO Records, is a New York-based indie label  — and over their 20 years of existence, the label has released a diverse range of artists, whose work generally imparts messages of inclusivity, justice and equality. Music offers solace — and is most often an agent and vehicle for change. In that spirit, the label has assembled a compilation album Silence Is Not an Option (turn this up) that showcases the label’s roster while simultaneously showcasing some fo the tracks off their extensive catalog that explore themes and issues of identity, community, social justice and resistance.

The compilation also prominently features “See Me,” a brand new song by Grammy-nominated R&B singer/songwriter Emily King. The breathtakingly gorgeous track, centered around an atmospheric arrangement of twinkling keys and King’s soulful vocals was written just a few days ago in response to the Black Lives Matters protests all over the world.  “Feeling so moved by this powerful time,” says King. “Everyday watching the world demand justice. I wake up with sadness but also hope. Like people are starting to finally notice how deeply broken things are. Can you hear me now? Can you see me now? I started singing the words and they wouldn’t leave my head.”