New Audio: Indie All-Star, Side Project, Coromandelles’ New Single Channels a Playful Version of Phil Spector and Others

Initially begun as a sort of side project of Tijuana Panthers’ Dan Michicoff, Coromandelles, the project became a full-fledged band when Cold War Kids‘ bassist Matt Maust, Robyn Roth and Naomi Green joined. After recording some material at Michicoff’s Los Angeles apartment, Michicoff and Maust went to Cold War Kids’ and The Shins‘ drummer Joe Plummer’s Seattle studio La Puebla for tracking, and Plummer contributed as both an engineer and drummer for the sessions. Adding to the All-Star team of contributors and associates to flesh out Michicoff’s vision, The Shins’ Yukki Matthews mixed the sessions, which comprised of home recordings and studio recordings.

Reportedly, the All-Star quintet’s debut effort Late Bloomers’ Bloomers thematically concerns itself with a key facet of life —  accepting that life has a way of derailing your best intentions and plans. Album single “The Project” is a hazy dream of a song comprised of thundering and propulsive drumming, shimmering guitar chords and layers upon layers of harmonized vocals to craft a song that sounds as though it owes a debt to Phil Spector‘s Wall of Sound production techniques, psych rock and jangling indie rock simultaneously — but with a playful, mischievous air.