New Audio: Introducing Frankie Broyles’ Haunting, Ethereal Pop

Born and reared in Atlanta, Frankie Broyles spent a great deal of his free time as a child and as a teenager,  experimenting with various musical instruments in his parents’ unfinished basement. And by the time, he had turned 18 Broyles began to see recognition as the frontman and guitarist of indie rock act Balkans, an act that received praise for their frenetic energy and precise instrumentation.

After Balkans split up, Broyles continued his musical career with stints in Lotus Plaza and Deerhunter, while honing his own sound. However, Broyles has since left both of those projects to full focus on his own material, which has been described as “haunted pop,” and has been compared favorably to the likes of The Durutti Column, John Maus, and Galaxie 500. And “Color Set,” the mournful and dreamy first single off Broyles forthcoming 7 inch single is comprised of shimmering guitar chords, hypnotic rhythms and Broyles’ melancholic baritone gliding over a hazy and aching mix to create a sound that manages to be minimalist yet lush and haunting as the sound manages to be evoke mourning over a recent past (and a recent heartache) while being in a continuing present that pushes you further from that past.