New Audio: Introducing Salt Lake City’s No Sun and Their Modern, Power Chord-Heavy Take on Shoegaze

Initially begun as the solo recording project of Salt Lake City, UT-based founding member and frontman Jordon Strang and now currently a quartet, No Sun has quietly developed a regional reputation for a harder, more modern take on shoegaze that draws from past masters of the genre such as Swervedriver, RIDE and Failure and contemporaries including Pity Sex, Silversun Pickups and others as you’ll hear on the anthemic and forceful “It’s Happening Again,” off the Salt Lake City-based band’s soon-to-be released debut effort It’s Only, slated for release next month through The Native Sound Records.

While reportedly having a title that draws from a famous scene from Twin Peaks, No Sun’s latest single as Strang explained to the folks at CLRVYNT the song is “about coping. It’s about delving within yourself during times of inner turmoil, and being further isolated by doing so. To me, depression is like an ebb and flow that is constantly coming and going, taking me away from my peers or loved ones and drawing my attention inward. This song focuses on how — despite how collected people can seem on the surface — they may be fighting their own inner battle.” Interestingly, the song possesses and evokes a similar tension in which uncertainty and turmoil gently bubble up from a seemingly tranquil surface.