New Audio: Introducing the 90s R&B and Pop-Inspired Sounds of Toronto’s Pusher

Pusher is a Toronto, ON-based electronic music artist, producer and DJ who specializes in a style that he has dubbed “neon,” which is comprised of elements of trap, electro pop, house music, 90s R&B, jazz and other genres in a slickly produced mix that manages to be simultaneously retro-futrutistic and futuristic while being wildly crowd pleasing.

“Tell You” is the first single off the Canadian producer’s forthcoming New Laces EP is a propulsive bouncy production consisting of skittering drum programming, cascading layers of synths, twinkling keys and wobbling bass lines and pairs it with Hunnah’s soulful 90s R&B-leaning vocals in a summery and club-friendly track that sonically reminds me of SWV with a slick, neon polish.